Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to Amy Houston Hunt's Blog

I've been painting Children's canvases and murals since 2000. During that time, I have created dozens of original works for babies' nurseries, little boys' pretend lands, and little girls' palaces. Most of the art that I do is personalized. Parents often request life verses for their babies and even birth announcements for hospital doors. My favorite rooms have been Chase's tree with a jolly snake dangling from a limb and Hollin and Marleigh's personalized spaces over their beds.

As the years go by, trends change, but one thing I have found is everyone loves to see their babies' names with a meaningful verse for a lifetime of reassurance. I have my most recent canvases posted.

If you are a past customer and can send me more pictures of your child's artwork, I'd love to post it to this blog! Thanks for your continued support over the years. I love creating for you and your family and hope to create for many more!

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